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About Eleven11


Hi guys, welcome to Eleven11.I mainly made these cases with the idea of self-love and acceptance. I wanted to express the importance of being patient with ourselves as we grow and work through our fears, habits and patterns. knowing we are bigger then what our mind tells us and to actively choose the story you are telling yourself. The goal is to create a safe support system within your own inner world. as we learn new beliefs and unlearn old limitations. In a world with so much noise and opinions I  believe that when we allow ourselves a safe place inside ourselves magic can happen. Where we can live a more fulfilling life aligned with our personal truth. we also believe in doing whatever the fuck you want and following your dreams and pursuits with no shame. Express yourself! My designs normally are inspired by my own lessons and things i've learned and have gone through or need a reminder of. In hopes it connects or sparks with parts of your truth and empowers you to do the same. The world wants to see you for who you are never hide that. Eleven11 has iphone cases for pretty people, pretty hearts and pretty minds. You are all that and more. Don't forget it. 


My Name is Kelsey Larson and I am the owner of Eleven 11. This brand  is something I continue to put energy & love into. Always thinking of how to make it better for us and our needs. I am constantly inspired by you guys and no love and support goes unnoticed. Thank you for giving me a space for my creativity.

Eleven11 is based in Pittsburgh PA

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