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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

hi guys I wanted to give some background on eleven 11 and what it means to me. I mainly made these cases with the idea of self-love and compassion in mind. I wanted to express the importence of being patient with yourself as you grow and learn who you are and who your not and who your becoming. in a world with so much noise and opinions we believe that allowing yourself to choose self compassion and acceptence will allow you to live a life of your own and provide you with your own independance.  we stand for expressing your self freely and living in your own truth and making your own rules for your life. we believe that you can choose your story and choose to build that inner relationship with self will allow you to connect with yourself and others more freely. my designs are normally inspired by my own lessons and things ive learned and have gone through. this is how I like expressing my truth and at the end of the day I hope it connects or sparks part of your truth and empowers you to do the same. the world wants to see you for who you are never hide that.

Our Story

 I am very thankful to be building this. No love and support ever goes unnoticed.

Our Clients

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